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After having a successful career in the Musical Theatre industry, I wanted to pass on my knowledge of, and passion for, the performing arts to children in the London area. As a result I founded ‘Take Flight Theatre School’ in 2011 and we have been successfully running our classes for children aged 4-18 years, offering fun after school clubs, ever since.

In 2015, Leanne Panni joined the company as Business Manager and Co-Director, and together we have been working on our re-launch as ‘Take Flight Academy of Performing Arts’ and the start of our exciting new Saturday School, opening September 2016. Here we offer a more disciplined and thorough routine for children and young people who have a real passion for performing. These new in-depth classes allow the students to focus on their ‘triple threat’ skills of singing, dancing and acting, encouraging them to become strong, all round performers.

Our classes are designed to cater for each students individual needs and abilities, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their experience. Not only will our students receive the best technical training possible but they will also build key life skills, including creativity and confidence.

With our high standards, caring ethos and invaluable skills, we offer a unique and exceptionally professional Academy that we are extremely proud of. A ‘Taster Class’ is offered to all new attendees, as we believe it is important for all students to try out what we offer before they really commit to our classes. We look forward to helping your child Take Flight!

Stevie Tate-Bauer (Founder and Director)

Leanne Panni and Stevie Tate-Bauer Take Flight Academy Directors

Leanne Panni & Stevie Tate-Bauer

“Each of us has wings but only those who dream, learn to fly”


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