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    Young Actors Company (Forest Hill)

    After School - Musical Theatre (Crofton Park)

    Saturday - Musical Theatre (Forest Hill)

    Saturday - Little Flutters (Forest Hill)

    Holiday Workshops (Forest Hill)


    All physical activity carries a certain amount of risk. Potential new students taking part in the free taster do so at their own risk.

    Does your child/teen suffer from any medical conditions that we should be aware of?
    Please provide details of any current medication. If none, please write “none”


    I give Take Flight Academy permission to seek emergency medical attention on behalf of my child where necessary.
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    We often film and photograph during our sessions for various purposes and it may be necessary to film or photograph on the date your child/teen joins us for their taster session.

    I give Take Flight Academy of Performing Arts permission to take photographs and/or video of my child. I grant Take Flight Academy of Performing Arts full rights to the use the images resulting from the photography/filming for publicity, including (but not limited to), their social media platforms and printed and online publicity.
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